USA Flag SymbolismThe flag of the United States of America is recognized all over the world for its unique colors and arrangement as well as its symbolism. If you are a native of the US, then you have known the flag all your life. You probably learned the significance of it when you were in the first grade, or maybe even as early as kindergarten. If you are an alien resident, or perhaps just a temporary visitor in the USA, you are familiar with the flag from newspapers, magazines, news on TV, and all sorts of other advertisements in your native country. The USA flag is famous around the world and it represents the nation as a whole.

The USA flag is displayed in schools, hospitals, construction sites, car dealerships, etc. — almost all public and private locations. The flag represents all the diverse people who constitute our nation. Often you will encounter the USA flag on posters, stickers in windows and on cars, on clothing and different types of jewelry. The American population is very proud of their flag and they display this in various ways, especially through their possessions.

The USA flag represents a nation, a set of policies, an ideology, both state and local governments and a set of ideals. What some may consider solely a piece of cloth with a distinguished design, others view as the emblem of an entire nation and all that it symbolizes. The symbolism of the USA flag is also identified in folk theories and traditions throughout the nation. Unique stories identify people and events that have led to the design of USA flag and all that it represents.